Interreg logo The DAIMON tool for risk categorization & decision aid (briefly DSS) is developed by Clausthal University of Technology, Department of Informatics, Devision 'Model-based Systems Analysis and Simulation' in cooperation with other DAIMON partners. The DSS system was developed especially for offshore economy stakeholders and users of public and administrative institutions which are interested in the management of marine space. Main result of the DSS is a report which mirrors an overall situation assessment regarding objects like munition, wracks, fish and sediment in relation to different goods of protection as fishermen, tourists, ship traffic, Off-Shore constructions, flora/fauna and local environmental habitats. In detail for these risky objects, a computer intelligence based, adaptive software architecture calculates a risk categorization, links this categorization to relevant analysis documents, which involve also facts about the localization and overall state of the objects, the surrounding environment and state of biological pollution/damage. Furthermore, it recommends possible actions, such as recovery & destruction, accumulation, encapsulation, capping, blasting or non-action, including monitoring, costs thereof and the legal aspects regarding the situation specific aspects of a risky object in relation to goods of protection.
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The DSS is a online software which can be deployed on any computer, taking into account a multilevel security provisions given the sensitive content. To get access to the system please contact:
Prof. Matthias Reuter:
Dr. Sabine Bohlmann:

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